What Do Brokers Have To Say About Live Real Estate?

“Live Real Estate gives you the freedom with guidance to run your business the way you truly want to and saving thousands of dollars every year doesn’t hurt either.”

Donlee Marlin, Broker

“The support here is fabulous! I have way more support here than I got at (my previous brokerage) and less fees and a better commission.”

Thomas McLaughlin, Broker

“I have been very satisfied with my decision to join LIVE REAL ESTATE.  As a former agent re-entering the industry I have been in need of a little guidance to become current with new forms and protocol.  With the Live Learning Center, Broker Dan Lysek-  who is second to none on form knowledge, seasoned agents all around me and amazing administrative support I have the confidence I need to re-build my business. I interviewed several other brokers and by far the best fit for me in all areas was LIVE REAL ESTATE.  The biggest draw was the incredibly low commission split.  I assumed I would need to accept the drawbacks as they came but I have yet to experience one.  I currently have 5 homes under contract and I am looking forward to keeping 5 commission checks less 10% I pay to LIVE REAL ESTATE.”

Susan Conner, Broker

“Before becoming a part of the Live Real Estate family I interviewed a variety of 20 clients. My question to them was simple: ‘would you hire me as your agent if I didn’t work for (previous brokerage)?’

I was absolutely stunned to hear their responses! Every one of my clients said in a similar fashion that they hired “Nichole Andreasen” as their realtor and not the logo on my business card. Many couldn’t even recall what Brokerage I was with. I was so empowered to know my hard-work and dedication was solely a reflection of me. That moment forward I truly knew Live Real Estate was my home. A place where I could embrace my own direct marketing and have the freedom every independent Broker deserves.

I highly encourage you to ask the simple question.”

Nichole Andreasen, Broker

“I really enjoy the fact that it’s a much more organized company than I’ve worked with in the past. And it brings on a lot of new tools for myself and for my clients.”

Ray Fisk, Broker

“Agents (at Live) are very helpful with walking you through the transactions, making sure that you know what you’re doing, if you need any assistance what so ever; they are very proactive at making sure you’re successful.”

Jessica Eckersley, Broker